MATT Development is at the forefront of the next generation in real estate investment and development. Combining a passion for real estate investing with a defined vision for innovation and lifestyle, our goal is to create the highest quality product across all property types in every market we operate.

Our integrated business model provides exceptional sourcing, financing, designing, developing, marketing and managing our portfolio. The individuals that comprise our company have a variety of backgrounds, offering tremendous expertise in positioning an asset to achieve its highest value. Our construction professionals will work hand in hand with you to ensure an exceptional outcome, whether it be large ground up developments or rehabilitation projects.

We excel in what we do and provide our partners with unparalleled attention and project savings. By working together with our partner company MBI, (a general contractor and specialty foundation firm), we can optimize each project to maximize time, savings and cost efficiencies which are far superior to industry standards.


MICHAEL DeSOUSA, Managing Partner
Michael DeSousa, a graduate of Hofstra University with a BS in Business, is a resourceful, flexible, and innovative business owner with extensive knowledge in the construction industry. Michael actively participates in real estate development and is a partner in Marine Bulkheading Inc., which operates in foundation, marine construction and general contracting. MBI is family owned and has been in business for over 33 years. Michael has specialized in ground-up construction for the majority of those years, with over 500 foundations completed throughout the five boroughs of New York. To contact Michael, email him at

Anthony DeSousa has 22 years of construction and development experience. A graduate of St. John's University with a BA in business, Anthony coordinates and manages all aspects of on-site construction.

STEVE BOLDIS, Vice President of Development
Steve Boldis has 10 years of extensive construction and development experience with a focus in hospitality, retail, self storage, office, commercial, medical and institutional buildings. He holds a BA in architecture and plays a key role in the design and function of all projects. To contact Steve, email him at

DONNA DeSOUSA, Vice President of Design and Marketing
Donna brings years of experience in design to her role of VP of Design at MATT Development. From design stage to development, she is involved in all phases of planning, sourcing, procurement and finishings. We call her the "sourceress" around the office, give her something to find and she'll find it. Her incredible attention to detail helps ensure the finished product is not only beautiful but functional. She works together with the team so that projects go smoothly and cost effectively. In addition to all of the above, she also designed our branding, website and the company's social media presence. To contact Donna, email her at

EDWIN TORRES, Vice President of Construction
Edwin Torres is responsible for the general oversight of all projects as well as the construction process and quality control. His duties include project planning, scheduling, cost estimating, quality management and contract administration. Edwin will also be starting up MATT Development projects in his native Dominican Republic. To contact Ed, email him at

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